• Investment Philosophy
  • Investment Process
  • Risk Management Framework

Investment Process

Equity investment style

Investment Style

Active investment aims at excess return versus market based on researching fundamental

  • Major revenue creation comes from investing in good company and asset allocation is considered as protective idea against market risk.
  • Discover an undervalued equity by bottom-up research, long-term investment
  • Decision-making support system by Quant model / Purse objective decision-making under team management.
Investment method.

Team management pursues specialization by dividing role between analyst and fund manager.

  • Team Approach- Similar style fund is managed based on similar model portfolio.
  • Asset allocation under agreement between portfolio manager and analyst
  • Portfolio manager is responsible for fund management, valuation check, and providing investment idea.
  • Analyst suggests opinion about assignment industry and holding weight and investment stock in the industry by priority.

Process of equity investment

    • Value
    • Quants
    • Qualitative
  1. Investment Universe
  1. Macroeconomics
  2. Top-Down
  3. Asset Allocation
  • Decision making
  • NP Meeting
    1. Bottom-up
    2. Assessment of investment stock and
      selectionInvestment idea
    3. Model Portfolio
    4. Apply to each fund
  • AMC
  • Portfolio manager